This is a Test

  Ana's summer was being consumed by her phone. It bothers me that I am to blame. The only reason she can spend any time on it is because I provide the access. I, my friends,  am the enabler. Without setting and enforcing limits it's like buying a bag of blow and saying "Go at [...]


The Right Door

Each time I go abroad I get this powerful longing to never return to my regular life. But I always go back. It happened again, but this time was different. I felt the most solid sense of home in Croatia and, in part, this is because it's where my family comes from. I grew up immersed in the culture and most of my family still lives in the capital city, [...]

Pierogi’s, we’ll see…

Do you know the stories from your parents' lives? I was inspired by three sisters who interviewed their dad, as he lost the fight for his life in hospital. I realized there is so much I don't know about what my parents' lives were like before my brother and I came along. The little I [...]

Having It All

People want to be happy and it`s easy to make the mistake of thinking that getting everything you want = more happiness. It's not quite so simple. It seems that when stuff is too easy to come by, something is missing.   I was pretty fortunate. My parents always provided us with extras. We certainly didn't get everything we wanted [...]

Cuckoo for Cocoa Puffs

There's this leaf which looks like a tiny lily pad. It's edible and claims to have health benefits like improved skin texture,  increased cognitive function, and detoxifying qualities to name just a few. Because it has so many benefits it is marketed as a supplement. People are ingesting the pills or drops daily but are warned that there may be side effects. The plant [...]

But I don’t want it to be over!

The image is so vivid in my mind that I was certain we had a photo of it. The photo, however, doesn't exist. It looked like this... We were standing in Suvarnabhumi Airport departure gate, on an early February morning, sheltered from the scorching 40-degree heat under air-conditioned glass archways. My head in my hands, elbows [...]

Reno’s and Waste

Our kitchen has always been an eyesore, built long ago, with the cheapest of everything.  Since we are heavy users of our kitchen we decided that we’d take the plunge, at last, in an effort to make our kitchen time more enjoyable and efficient. We had a limited budget of $5,000, which meant careful consideration of all available options. This [...]