Having It All

People want to be happy and it`s easy to make the mistake of thinking that getting everything you want = more happiness. It’s not quite so simple. It seems that when stuff is too easy to come by, something is missing.


I was pretty fortunate. My parents always provided us with extras. We certainly didn’t get everything we wanted but we had lots more than what we needed.  I had to settle for fox shirts, trying to pull them off as alligators but was lucky enough to have music lessons, vacations and  a lot more. I was motivated to make my own money early on so I could get the things I thought I wanted. After many years of wasting cash and time on overpriced things, I put together that most of them didn’t bring the anticipated joy.

Jack, Ana and I are committed to prioritizing the things that will enrich our life experiences. We can’t have it all and so we make choices all the time, weighing what brings more value or what can be switched out. We appreciate the privilege of going to the theater, skiing, buying quality food and the opportunity to travel every couple of years. Acquiring “stuff” doesn’t fulfill us in the same way and actually seems to make us feel heavier.

When we met Pocket he fell asleep while getting a 6 handed massage. Can’t blame the guy.

Ana has been pining for a dog for a while now. Although we all loved the idea we were worried about being able to afford it and having the time required for proper training and attention. With my parents offer of giving their time when needed we decided to figure out what was involved in rescuing a doggie.



Ana found Pocket through AARCS. We loved how their process worked, ensuring we knew what to expect from becoming a good dog family. We filled out a long application form, had a telephone interview and then a chance to spend some time with him. The brutally honest 1 hour interview with AARCS made me realize the investment was going to require more than I expected both in patience and money. The adoption fees, a crate, a gate, accidents, teething, biting, treats, classes and so on. But Ana compelled us to move forward. We were advised to wait 24 hours after meeting a pet before making a decision. As we drove away after meeting Pocket we all absolutely knew we had found our dog!


With my parents help we knew we could resolve the issue of giving enough time to Pocket but there was still the issue of money. We talked about it and made the decision to give up a season of skiing, feeling it would be a reasonable sacrifice and would free up enough cash for the set up.  We LOVE to ski but all felt that it would be worth it in the end. My friend Kara put it best when asked about the monthly expense for her dog, Marty. She said she wasn’t sure how much exactly but for all they get out of it, they should pay him! Ha ha, ha! Ya’ gotta love this human and her dog!


We have had Pocket (a.k.a. Vinny Pocketino) now for just over a month. How on Earth did we ever live without him?  I thought this was going to be a big sacrifice but now I see that “sacrifice” is completely the wrong word. Having Pocket is a huge benefit to us all. He makes us laugh so hard each day and reminds us to take our time. Daily walks are life changing! We have always been grateful for all we have but even more so now. Thank you Ana, for being relentless in pushing for this, Mom and Dad for teaching us well and helping on those long work days. Thanks to my good friends Kara and Kerry for all your encouragement and incredibly helpful knowledge! It takes a community!

Just sleeping with his tongue out.
The boss
Who’s the Boss?
sunny day
Pure silk shine.
How’s this?
Let me help
I’m way more fun than Minecraft!
i just sit here
I`ll just sit here.

3 Replies to “Having It All”

  1. Damn! I missed this post. Vinny Pocketino is awesome! Wow, such a cutie! Dogs are the best. I will always have one, even if we have to share dog food.


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