Short Post about a Long Break

It’s been two years since the planning started. I mention it last year in my post called But I Don’t Want It To Be Over! – here.

Today we leave Calgary for 5 weeks, visiting 3 countries. It’s the longest trip we’ve ever taken together. We started planning and saving early and doing so let us build the excitement! It also allowed us to tweak and balance our itinerary.  Our trip is finally upon us, and we can barely contain our excitement! We’ve had such a blast looking at all the possibilities and arranging meet-ups with friends and family in Europe.

Image 2019-06-24 at 8.40 AM
Leaving Calgary Airport today!

The three of us are not into tours and checking-off landmarks. We don’t like crowds and are more inclined to experience the feel of a community, the taste of a culture, rather than jamming in a hectic array of things to see. We love to hang out with friends and family but also value downtime. We have managed to plan it with just enough of each.

One goal for this trip is to carve out time to brainstorm and develop ideas but most important is to spend our time connecting with each other, clearing our noggins, exploring new communities, and collecting inspiration. This is a holiday, yes, but it’s also a way to use a little of this time and space to figure out how we want to move forward.



As a teenager, I spent summers in Croatia. This time our daughter will turn 13 there. A teenager, for crying out loud! She really is a joy to be around and we have so much fun together. I hope that lasts forever, but I know everything is temporary so we are going to go and enjoy the hell out of ourselves on this wonderful journey, while we are lucky enough to have given ourselves this wonderful opportunity.

Next time you hear from me will be from Croatia! Sretan Put (Happy travels)!

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